My name is Daniele, i'm a boy with a big passion for everything what it concerns the air-sea means and military objects. Passion that is one evolved more and more to such to make the Navy part as volunteer for 3 years. During the military service I have had the opportunity to deepen my knowledges either to earth that during the 2 years of embarkation on the frigate "Sagittario-F565", then of base to Taranto, thanks also to an important role that I covered that is to belong to a category of elite in the C.O.C. (Combat Operational Center) as radarman. For my liking and professionalism the colleagues had given a name of battle to me, SFINGE (SPHINX).This nickname was really appropriate because is with calm sea that with strength 8 I was before the immovable and petrified console to develop my duty. Currently (Jan.2003) a course of digital photo that I hope am finishing it will help me to bring forth this passion for the sea and for military life.

Personal photos